Monday, February 04, 2008

Walk Through The Great Wall of China


When David Copperfield is in the first case, he made a move, Copperfield passes under the box and goes in the trough of stairs, then prevailed in the palm of stairs. One resembles a form of shadow pretends to walk in the first part of the wall, after it plays its part, it enters the hollow core platform. At that time assistance to draw leaves far show that was circulated in the first part of the wall. The staircase which is in Copperfield is behind the camera boom as it makes a complete rotation on the wall. The assistants on the other side of the wall take the same stairs and put it next to another plate.

The assistants climbing stairs and hold up a small white sheet of cloth. It appears that David Copperfield is pushing his face and through the fabric. The secret behind this action is that the person on the right of control is just a false pair of hands that control with his right hand. The person on the left is just pushing a false face through the fabric with his left hand.

The two assistants then drop small sheets of fabric and listen to the wall to see if David is all right. They then slowly rolled sheets to cover the box and make sure it is returned, they go down the stairs to wait Copperfield to make its way through the second part of the wall. Anything that has to do now is to leave the stairs and hollow inside of the box and look at its corners with light. He then approached the light if it looks like he is coming through to the second part of the wall. It takes away the leaves to reveal itself, the white cloth stays on the floor because it contains the accessories.

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Anonymous said...

wow... good trick!

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