Friday, June 20, 2008

Where Are The Matches?

Effect: Two empty matchboxes and one containing some matches are moved around on a table. The spectators are unable to identify which box contains the matches.
: All three matchboxes are empty. Attached to your right arm and hidden by your sleeve is a matchbox containing some matches. Shake a box with your left hand it sounds empty. When you mix up the three visible boxes you can make any one appear to be the full one, simply by shaking it with your right hand. The spectators think it contains matches because they hear the sound from the hidden box.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Anti-Gravity Cards

Effect: Several playing cards adhere to your hand, until you tell them to fall off.
Secret: You need to make a special card. It is simply an ordinary card with a tab cut from another card attached to its back. The special card is first placed face up on your palm and the tab is gripped between your fingers. Arrange some more cards between the special card and your hand as shown. Turn your hand over and the cards will appear to be sticking to it – until you let go of the tab.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008


For this effect you must have a thumb tip. You may secure the thumb tip at any of the local magic shops. Obtain one that fits alittle tight so as to have enough space between the tip of your thumb and the tip of the thumb tip, inside. Place the thumb tip on your right hand thumb, with the left hand grab your right thumb, pull your right thumb away leaving the tip in your left hand which now is in a fist. A small opening is made at the place where your thumb and index fingers are. Your right hand picks up the salt shaker and pours salt into the opening of the left fist (really inside of the thumb tip). There will be a little salt scattered over the top of your fist, this will be a fine excuse to brush the salt into the opening of the left fist, and also having a chance to stick your right thumb in your left fist, inside of the metal thumb tip and draw it out over your right thumb. Your left fist is brought forward and all the fingers open, showing an empty hand. By this time the fingers of your right hand have encircled your right thumb and dislodged the metal thumb tip. The right hand is this time brought forward and above the palm of the left hand; salt pours out of your right fist into your left. The next move is to drop the right hand down again and push your right thumb into the metal tip, showing your empty right hand. The metal tip will not be noticed as it is always painted in flesh.

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