Friday, May 30, 2008

1000 PROOF

EFFECT: Two whisky glasses are filled, on with rye whisky, the other with plain water. Upon joining the mouths of both glasses we can see the whisky getting from one glass to another, while the water also changes places.

: Fill one pony with plain water and place a business card on the top of it; the other glass is filled with whisky. By holding the business card with the thumb and the glass with water with the other fingers, turn it upside dawn, the water will not spill; place the whole business on the top of the whisky glass, and next, very carefully, move the business card to one side so there will be a connect-whisky and water to get together. Very mud, to your amazement you will notice that the water will flow to the bottom glass, under the whisky, while the whisky will climb to the top glass, over the water. Once both liquids have changed glasses, they may be drank and their taste may be pure and not mixed.

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Vanishing Ring

Effect: You make a finger ring vanish.
: The ring is tied to a long piece of elastic which runs up your sleeve to a safety pin attached to the top of the sleeve.The elastic should be long enough to allow you to put the ring on your finger. Take the ring off and pretend to show it in the air. When you let go, the elastic carries the ring up your sleeve. You could, if you wish, find the ring (a duplicate) in a sealed box that has been on your table since the start of the trick.

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008


EFFECT: A glass of water in which there are two or three ice cubes. With a toothpick you touch one of the ice cubes and it comes up stuck to the toothpick.

: You propose that while anyone present counts from one to ten you will lift one of the ice cubes, with a single toothpick, without any-body’s help. All you have to do is apply flatly the wide end of the toothpick to the ice cube and pour table salt on the top of toothpick and cube; freezing will be created that will make a toothpick become part of the ice cube, making it very easy to suspend.

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

On Your Mark

: A selected card is located within seconds.
Secret: With a soft black pencil draw a diagonal line down both sides of a pack of cards. When you show the trick, you remove the cards from the case and ask someone to take any card, remember it and return it anywhere in the pack. Pick up the pack and look at your pencil mark. At one point there will be a small back mark out of alignment with the rest of the line – that is the chosen card.

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Monday, May 26, 2008


EFFECT: Two oranges are brought on the bar; a customer is asked to select one. A one dollar bill is borrowed and made to disappear. Upon cutting the orange in half the bill is found inserted in the core or the orange.

THE HOW: Before hand you remove the stat on an orange, where the stem used to be. Carefully with a sharp knife or razor blade, make a cross cut on that portion, prying up the points on that section. The beginning of the core of the orange will be exposed. Stick a pencil in there as far as half way, enough to lodge a rolled and folded dollar bill; before that operation you make a record of the bill’s number on the cuff of your shirt or jacket. Press back the cross cut and replace the star with wax or glue. To all appearances this is a normal orange, untampered. Here is the technique: If a person picks the unprepared orange, you cut this orange in two, saying: “Ah, a nice juicy orange.” That leaves the prepared orange for the trick. If they pick the prepared one you still cut the other orange, making the remark about its juice. Before we get to the end of this trick, when the bill is handed to you, read the serial number on your cuff aloud and let them write it down for further identification. Then proceed with the trick, up to the point where the orange is selected and the extra one cut in half. Then is when you place the borrowed bill under a handkerchief. The system of vanishing the bill is the same one as Bill Tube.”

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Sunday, May 25, 2008


The bill tube may be obtained from any of the Magic Shops in the country. No bartender should be without one.

EFFECT: A one dollar bill is borrowed and after the serial number has been recorded, the bill is
folded in two lengthwise and then rolled to the size of half a cigarette, is placed in the center of a
handkerchief and given to one of the persons watching the trick, for custody.Your right hand goes into your right pants pocket and brings out a brass tube which has a threaded cap on secured by a screw and bolt that makes it impossible to open the tube unless you take the screw
and nut off. Hand this tube to the person who loaned you the bill and who recorded the serial number. Addressing the person who is holding the handkerchief, ask him: “Are you still there?” He will answer, “Yes,” again you address him: “You still have the bill?”
Whisk the hanky away from his hands and show that the person has allowed the bill to escape from under it. The tube is opened and the same bill is found inside of it.

THE HOW: The bill tube is a mechanical prop, precision built for magicians and it is equipped with a secret compartment where the bill is lodged in a second.
FIRST - Have one of your white handkerchiefs fixed by your sister, mother or wife by undoing the hem in one of the corners. Insert a small roll of paper about the same size and weight of a rolled dollar bill. As you go under the handkerchief to deposit the bill you bring this faked corner to the center of the handkerchief and retain the bill. The person who holds the handkerchief is under the impression he is holding the real thing.
SECOND - Go quickly with this hand into your pants pocket and carefully insert your rolled bill in the secret compartment, locking it by pressing with the tip of your fingers and the heel of your hand and bring it out, at once. The rest of the trick is talking. Once the bolt is taken out and the bill extracted you can watch the inquisitive faces trying to figure out WHAT HAPPENED!

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Saturday, May 24, 2008


Make a heavy short line with chalk on the nail of your second finger in the right hand. Show the palm of your hand, turn it around quickly, resting the nail with the chalk mark on the heel of yourthumb, squeeze tight, now with the chalk make a chalk mark on the back on your hand, rub it of I, and turn the hand around again quickly, a chalk mark will appear on the palm of your hand as if it had penetrated through.

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Spirit Initials

Effect: A spectator's initials appear on his own hand.
Secret: Hand someone a soft pencil and ask him to print his initials on a sugar cube. Take the sugar and secretly press your thumb against the initials. Drop the sugar in a glass of water. Ask the spectator to hold his hand over the glass. To show him what to do, you guide his hand over the glass. As you do this, press your thumb against his palm. You have now transferred a copy of the initials to his palm. He will receive a surprise when he sees the initials on his palm.

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Metal Bending

Effect: A spoon is bent and then straightened again.
Secret: Take the spoon in your left fist. Position the bowl so it rests on the table. Move your right hand over the left and change the left grip to hold the spoon by third and little fingers. As you pretend to press the spoon against the table top, bring your hands up to a vertical position as if really bending the handle. Move the hands back and forth as if the metal is becoming really supple. Blow on the spoon and throw it on the table. The handle is straight.

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