Friday, May 30, 2008

1000 PROOF

EFFECT: Two whisky glasses are filled, on with rye whisky, the other with plain water. Upon joining the mouths of both glasses we can see the whisky getting from one glass to another, while the water also changes places.

: Fill one pony with plain water and place a business card on the top of it; the other glass is filled with whisky. By holding the business card with the thumb and the glass with water with the other fingers, turn it upside dawn, the water will not spill; place the whole business on the top of the whisky glass, and next, very carefully, move the business card to one side so there will be a connect-whisky and water to get together. Very mud, to your amazement you will notice that the water will flow to the bottom glass, under the whisky, while the whisky will climb to the top glass, over the water. Once both liquids have changed glasses, they may be drank and their taste may be pure and not mixed.

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