Monday, February 04, 2008

Kundalini Rising

Said (by some) to be the best effect Rising map available.

I think Kundalini Rising east Levant card that David Blaine used in his show.

A card game is beaten by your volunteer and cut into two halves. Your volunteer then selects a card from the half-he / she chooses. After memorizing the map, it is replaced, all cards are then returned to the box.

The box is returned to voluntary, after a moment or two, you ask them to relax their grip. As they relax and slowly release their grip, their choice of card starts to rise from the deck, May and jump to the finish!

There are other effects Rising map available in the UK magic suppliers, but I think kundalini Rising is available only to the USA.

There are different ways to achieve the increase card effect, to go around - or create your own!

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