Friday, June 20, 2008

Where Are The Matches?

Effect: Two empty matchboxes and one containing some matches are moved around on a table. The spectators are unable to identify which box contains the matches.
: All three matchboxes are empty. Attached to your right arm and hidden by your sleeve is a matchbox containing some matches. Shake a box with your left hand it sounds empty. When you mix up the three visible boxes you can make any one appear to be the full one, simply by shaking it with your right hand. The spectators think it contains matches because they hear the sound from the hidden box.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Anti-Gravity Cards

Effect: Several playing cards adhere to your hand, until you tell them to fall off.
Secret: You need to make a special card. It is simply an ordinary card with a tab cut from another card attached to its back. The special card is first placed face up on your palm and the tab is gripped between your fingers. Arrange some more cards between the special card and your hand as shown. Turn your hand over and the cards will appear to be sticking to it – until you let go of the tab.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008


For this effect you must have a thumb tip. You may secure the thumb tip at any of the local magic shops. Obtain one that fits alittle tight so as to have enough space between the tip of your thumb and the tip of the thumb tip, inside. Place the thumb tip on your right hand thumb, with the left hand grab your right thumb, pull your right thumb away leaving the tip in your left hand which now is in a fist. A small opening is made at the place where your thumb and index fingers are. Your right hand picks up the salt shaker and pours salt into the opening of the left fist (really inside of the thumb tip). There will be a little salt scattered over the top of your fist, this will be a fine excuse to brush the salt into the opening of the left fist, and also having a chance to stick your right thumb in your left fist, inside of the metal thumb tip and draw it out over your right thumb. Your left fist is brought forward and all the fingers open, showing an empty hand. By this time the fingers of your right hand have encircled your right thumb and dislodged the metal thumb tip. The right hand is this time brought forward and above the palm of the left hand; salt pours out of your right fist into your left. The next move is to drop the right hand down again and push your right thumb into the metal tip, showing your empty right hand. The metal tip will not be noticed as it is always painted in flesh.

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Monday, June 16, 2008

Coin In The Glass

Effect: A coin disappears.

Secret: Put a coin in the centre of a handkerchief draped over your right hand. Place a glass tumbler on the palm of your left hand. Turn your right hand over, retaining a grip on the coin and bring the handkerchief over the glass. When the glass is covered tilt it towards you. Drop the coin. It hits the glass (convincing everyone it has gone into the glasses) and drops onto your hand. Place the glass (still covered) on your table and casually drop the coin in your pocket.Remove the handkerchief – the coin has vanished.

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Sunday, June 15, 2008


Insert the thumb tip in your left fist, pour just a little whisky in the opening of your fist. Your right thumb rubs the top of your left fist as if drying it, inserting it into the left you bring the metal tip out. Open the left hand and the whisky has vanished. Once you own a metal thumb tip you will be able to do a large variety of effects with it.

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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Colour Sense

Effect: You identify the colour of a crayon handed to you behind your back.
: Ask someone to take any crayon from a box and hand it to you behind your back.You then turn to face the audience but keep the crayon behind your back. Secretly dig your right thumb into the crayon. Keep hold of the crayon behind your back as you bring your right hand up to your forehead as if concentrating. Take a quick look at your nail – you will see bits of crayon in it and will know the chosen colour. Concentrate some more and then announce the colour.

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Friday, June 13, 2008


Have a cigarette in your left hand, in a fist. The metal thumb tip is on your right hand. Stick your thumb into your left fist and leave the metal tip in there. Your right picks a cigarette paper, and push it therein, next some tobacco. The right thumb goes into the left fist once again as if pushing the tobacco a little deeper and steals the metal tip. Drop the right hand to your side while the left is making a rubbing motion. Open your left hand slowly showing a finished cigarette. When showing your hands empty to anyone, do it by having the tips of your fingers toward the people, palms down.

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Anti-Gravity Matches

Effect: A box of matches is opened and the drawer held upside down. The matches defy the laws of gravity and do not fall out – until you command them to. Secret: Wedge a match across the drawer of a box of matches. You will probably have to shorten the match to do this. When you take the drawer from the box, hold it by the sides to keep the secretly-wedged match in position. Command the matches to fall and release the pressure on the wedged match. All the matches fall from the box on your command.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008


If you turn your back to any person and ask him to raise one of his arms up in the air and count ten, would you be able to guess which arm he raised?
Although this looks like a feast of divination it has nothing to with it. It is simply one of those things in which a trick is involved. You do not have to watch the man from any angle to do your guessing. All you have to do is look quickly at both his hands, and one will have a pale color, showing the absence of blood in the hand’s veins. The hand with swollen veins is the one that stayed down. Easy, isn’t it?

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Going By Tube

Effect: A rolled magazine travels up and down a string. Secret: Roll a magazine into a tube and use paper clips to hold it. Double a piece of string and hook its centre on the bottom clip inside the tube. A second string is looped through the first as shown in the illustration. Pull on the strings at top and bottom and the magazine will rise up the string. Pull on the top string, relax your grip on the lower string and allow your hands to move slightly closer together and the magazine will go back down.

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Monday, June 09, 2008


Have a pencil sharpened to a thin point, hand it to one of your friends. Also give him a piece of paper with numbers from I to 10 up and down, ask him to write first the name of a dead person next to any number he desires and then fill the other numbered spaces with the names of living persons. As soon as he hands you back the sheet of paper you will know which one is the dead. The dead person’s name writing will be a little thinner than the other names.

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Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Haunted Pack

Effect: A pack of cards divides to reveal a chosen card.
: Ask someone to take a card, look at it and remember it. Point to the top card of the pack. As you do this you secretly drop a few grains of salt on the top card. The spectator puts his card on the top of the pack and the pack is then cut, so the chosen card is hidden somewhere near the centre. Hit the edge of the pack with the heel of your hand and, thanks to the secret salt, the pack will divide at the chosen card.

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Saturday, June 07, 2008


Have three cigarettes, one of each brand, on the end of one of them stick a tack, secretly. We will say the Chesterfield. You know that this particular one is heavier at one end than the other and that the two other cigarettes are of even weight if held at the center between the thumb and index fingers, like the arm of a scale. Turn your back and ask them to mix the cigarettes and have them handed to you. You will behind your back always pick the Chesterfield. Remember to remove the tack every time you give the cigarettes back for examination. Do not repeat this trick too often.

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Friday, June 06, 2008

Miserable Money

Effect: When you shout at a coin, it gets so upset it bursts into tears!
: Secretly conceal a wad of wet tissue paper between the first and second fingers of your right hand. Borrow a coin and place it directly on top of the tissue. Be careful that you do not allow anyone to see the tissue as you do this. Now squeeze the coin and the tissue together. Water drips from the tissue and it appears that the coin is crying

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Thursday, June 05, 2008


If you take the Ace of Clubs, the club in the center points one way, the Six of Clubs has four club leaves pointing one way also, the Seven, Six and Nine of Cubs also have leaves that point one way. Hearts Ace, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9 and Spades too have a greater number of hearts pointing one way. If you line up these cards in your deck pointing up, and face down, and ask someone to turn a card around, you will know at once which one was touched or turned.

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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Two In The Hand

Effect: Someone thinks of one of two items, you predict which.
Secret: Give someone any two items. They could be coins, cards, buttons – anything you like. He holds one in one hand and one in the other. While your back is turned, ask him to think of either object – he has a free choice. To help him concentrate suggest he holds the chosen object up to his forehead. After a short while, ask him to lower his hand and you then turn round.You know which he chose as the hand holding it will be lighter than the other. Holding it up causes blood to drain from that hand.

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Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Tear a sheet of paper from a writing tab or use a sheet of paper with straight edges.
Ask the people present if they believe in spirits. Of course a little smile will be shown by most. Take the sheet of paper and tear it in three pieces. You have now one top, one center and one bottom piece. The tearing of the paper is done by creasing the paper and tear it with your hands by holding both ends of the paper.This will give you two pieces of paper with machine cut edges three ways around and one rough edge. The center piece will have two rough edges. Hand the straight pieces to two different people and ask them to write the name of one of their relatives who are very much alive, next hand the center piece to another person and ask him to write die name of someone who is dead, in his family, and to verify the fact that your prediction is correct ask the person with the dead name to also write it down on a separate piece of paper. Now everyone fold their pieces of paper several times making it impossible for you to see the names. These slips are dropped into a hat and shaken around, then thrown on the top of the bar counter. All you have to do is to look for the bundle with the most rough edges. That, my friend, is the name of the dead.

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Monday, June 02, 2008

Match Restoration

Effect: A matchstick is broken in half then magically made whole.
: You need a handkerchief with a matchstick hidden in its hem. A match is taken from a matchbox and wrapped in the handkerchief. Ask a spectator to break the match through the material but make sure it is the one hidden in the hem that he breaks. Shake out the handkerchief and the match just removed from the box falls out. Casually put the handkerchief (with the broken match concealed in the hem) back into your pocket. It appears that the match was restored by magic.

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Sunday, June 01, 2008


Whenever a customer invites you to a drink, get an empty glass and lift it high in the air, saying: “Down the hatch” and have your glass become full of whisky, visible while held in front of the customer’s eyes.

: Have a cigar maker to finish a cigar around a thin test tube and have a cork for its opening, keeping this faked cigar amongst two other real ones in your pocket. Better yet secure a “Phillip glass” in any of the local magic shops. The minute someone says, “Have a drink, Joe” reach for your cigar and take the cork off with your thumb. The opening is toward the palm of your hand, the cigar is held between index and second fingers. The empty whisky glass is held between second finger and thumb and as you life it, tilt the opening of the faked cigar toward the glass and it will become filled with whisky.

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