Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Tear a sheet of paper from a writing tab or use a sheet of paper with straight edges.
Ask the people present if they believe in spirits. Of course a little smile will be shown by most. Take the sheet of paper and tear it in three pieces. You have now one top, one center and one bottom piece. The tearing of the paper is done by creasing the paper and tear it with your hands by holding both ends of the paper.This will give you two pieces of paper with machine cut edges three ways around and one rough edge. The center piece will have two rough edges. Hand the straight pieces to two different people and ask them to write the name of one of their relatives who are very much alive, next hand the center piece to another person and ask him to write die name of someone who is dead, in his family, and to verify the fact that your prediction is correct ask the person with the dead name to also write it down on a separate piece of paper. Now everyone fold their pieces of paper several times making it impossible for you to see the names. These slips are dropped into a hat and shaken around, then thrown on the top of the bar counter. All you have to do is to look for the bundle with the most rough edges. That, my friend, is the name of the dead.

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