Friday, August 31, 2007

Trick #4: Houdini Rubber Band Escape

A miniature escape that demonstrates how solid can pass through solid!

REQUIREMENTS: One medium sized rubber band.

This is sometimes also called the Hopping Rubber Band. You loop a rubber band over your first two fingers, and then it inexplicably jumps to the second two fingers. Begin by placing a rubber band over your forefinger and middle finger as shown in Figure 1. Bring the rubber band all the way down to the base of the fingers. Hold your hand so its back is facing the audience.
Pull the rubber band with your other hand to show that it is solid, and then at a point when the rubber band is still pulled a little bit out towards you, curl your fingers down as in Figure 2.
From your audience's view, it looks like the rubber band is still around only two of your fingers.
Pause for just an instant, and then straighten your fingers out. The band will instantly jump over to your ring finger and pinky (Figure 3)!
To make the rubber band jump back to your first two fingers, follow the same moves again. If you twist a second rubber band over the fingers above the first band, as in Figure 4, so that the fingers appear tied together, and then follow the same moves for the trick as above, the first rubber band will still be able to jump, seeming to penetrate right through the second band!

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