Sunday, September 09, 2007

Voodoo Spirit Writing

A loan of volunteers selects and eliminates a map of inflaming a bridge, it is stored before being returned, the bridge is then revised by the volunteer.

The magician remarks he can feel the presence of a voodoo spirit in the room and will try to use that spirit to locate the card chosen!

"I'll try something, I've never done this before, it is bizarre"

The bridge is then placed on a table, a piece of green paper is folded and placed temporarily above the deck.

The magician continues to implement the voodoo atmosphere by asking for volunteers to take the paper to his forehead and view the card chosen. The magician then takes the paper and fire with the cigarette lighter. The Flaming paper stands on magicians, and allowed to burn as Mumbles some barely audible magic words, the flame is then carefully blown.

The magician now places the ashes of burned paper on his forearm. The ash is slowly rubbed on the skin .....

the name of the selected map now appears on the forearm magicians! WHOOOOOO! , Spooky or what? Preparation ;-).
With a view to achieving this trick you must write the name of a map on your left forearm with mild soap moist (say, the diamonds 3) It is better to simply call a symbol of the combination rather than the word, you will also experiment with different soaps and over time, you can allow before the soap dry and not stick to ashes!

A piece of "spooky" Green Paper, approximately 3 x 3 inches. Paper color is better because it produces a black ash.

You'll also need a lighter in your pocket right.

Force experienced a map (3 diamonds) on a spectator, it returned to the bridge then follow the effects written above.

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