Monday, September 10, 2007

The Changing Cards (ver.2)

(Another 'Between the Palms' variation and to my mind this one is more impressive.)

The deck is fanned and a card is freely selected by a spectator (say, 2 C). The magician asks that the card be shown to the other onlookers. The deck is cut and the selected card is returned to the deck. The cards are shuffled and the top card is revealed, it is seen to be the chosen card, the 2 of Clubs!

But the trick is not finished !

The spectator is asked to hold out a hand (palm up), the card is placed on their palm. The spectator is now asked to sandwich the card with their other hand.

The deck of cards are once again shuffled.

The top card is now shown and it is made clear that it is not the chosen card (say, 10 H).

The magician now slowly passes the 10 Hearts back and forth over the spectators hands, while doing this the magician asks the spectator to name the card in his hands (2 C) "Say the name of your card", at the same time he reminds the spectator of the card he is holding " I say the name of
my card out aloud - 10 of Hearts".

After a few passes the magician turns the card he is holding to reveal the 2 of Clubs - it has changed from the 10 of Hearts to the 2 of Clubs !

The spectator is asked to reveal the sandwiched card "Say the name of your card again ", it has also changed, from the 2 of Clubs to the 10 of Hearts!!

The magician has magically exchanged the two cards !!!

You will need two identical cards on top of the deck (10 H).

With the two identical cards on the top of the deck, have a card freely selected.

The card is returned to the deck - the deck is apparently cut for the return of the card.

What David Blaine does is to remove just the top card and offer the whole deck for the spectator to replace his card on ! (attention will be focused on the chosen card -"Please show the card to everyone.")

The right hand (held at an angle) returns the 'top half' (single card).

The appearance is of a deck being cut and the card being lost in the middle - this is what the spectators subconsciously expect to happen. They won't consider the possibility of a single card being lifted !!

Use a false shuffle or cut to retain the 'top stock'.

Position Check:
You should have on top of the deck - 10 H / 2 C /10 H . Double lift the top two cards to show the chosen card (2 C).

Ask the spectator to hold out a hand (replace the double on the deck and adjust the height of the
hand ), place the actual top card (10H) face down onto their palm.

False shuffle again (retaining 'top stock'), double lift the top two cards to show a 10 of Hearts , announcing "This is not your card is it ?" as you wait for a reply drop the hands slightly and
replace the double, take the actual top card (2 C) and pass it back and forth (face down) over the

outstretched hands of the spectator.

The rest is pure showmanship !

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