Monday, September 10, 2007

The Changing Card

The basis of this card trick is Alex Elmsley's classic 'Between the Palms' .

Aldo Columbini also has a fine variation (more complex, but beautiful) please seek it out and try it.

A selected card placed between the spectators palms magically changes into a different card !

Have the assistant select a card and replace it in the deck. Control the card to the top, now Double Lift the top two cards.

Show the face card announcing that this isn't their card "This isn't your card - is it ?", the answer should be "No".

Slight distraction:
Ask your assistant to hold out a hand. Which ever hand they hold out say "Not that one, this one."
and lift up their other hand ! (smile as you do it).

While that little byplay was taking place you should have replaced the Double on the top of the deck.

Now push the top card over with your thumb and place it on the outstretched palm in front of you, ask your assistant to cover the card with their other hand.

After a couple of attempts to find their card in the deck - and failing !, ask what their card was.... make a 'magical' pass over their hands and ask them to look at the card they hold.

They should be suitably surprised to find that they are now holding the selected card.

Don't forget to use suitable patter (a' la Blaine) "Can I show you something that transcends the mind ?"

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