Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Coin in a Bottle

An ordinary glass bottle is displayed before the slight some spectators.

A person is requested to keep the tip of the bottle firmly and horizontally. They hold the bottle in front, under the eyes.

The magician shows a coin at his finger tips and said he will spend the coin in the bottle!.

Since the aid of the bottle firmly holds the magician raps hard piece based on the bottle - the room immediately is understood to enter the bottle and can now be seen in the bottle!

The piece went through the glass !!!!!

A suitable glass bottle. and a "piece of folding."

As the magician pass through bottle he says they should "Hold it firmly, like this" for the moment it secretly places folded piece in the neck of the bottle.

When the magician touches the base, the impact of discharges shock bent coin in the body of the bottle.

At the moment (attention will be on the bottle) magician palms the "real" coin.

The piece folding May be removed by shaking the bottle strongly - the piece is immediately exchanged for Real (palmed) room. The coin and bottles are then submitted for consideration.

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