Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Phone Card

This effect was shown to me by Andy long before I saw the Blaine 'Regurgitation'.

The performance follows the method described above the major differences being that only the right hand comes forward to produce the selected card. After the third failure the right hand brings forth the deck and places it on the table (if you have one). The folded card is palmed by the left hand which reaches either into a bag or pocket to produce a mobile phone.

The folded card is held beneath the phone as the distraught magician rings for help....

"Hello - is that Debbie ?", "Could I speak to Paul please", pause, "Hi, Paul." "That trick you sold me hasn't worked !"

The magician now pauses briefly as if receiving instructions from Paul ...... "Hmm ...yes...yes.."

"Yes, I'm on my mobile"

At this point the magician carefully removes the rear battery cover from the phone and there 'inside' the phone is a folded card - he offers it to the volunteer who finds that it is the chosen card !!!

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