Saturday, September 15, 2007

Regurgitated Card

The cards are held out in order that a spectator may make a free selection. The card is duly memorised (also shown to any other bystanders). The card is then returned to the deck.

The magician now holds the deck behind his back (both hands), after a moment or two of thought the magician brings out the deck and flourishes the top card declaring it to be the card selected by his new assistant !

But it is not the selected card !!

He returns the deck behind his back. Once again he brings out the deck - this time he blows on the cards - then he removes the top card and declares this card be the one selected.

But it is not the selected card !!

The magician again brings the deck up to his mouth and almost swallowing the deck gives a bigger blow !

Once more he removes the top card and offers it as the selected card. But once again it is not the selected card !!
Looking slightly despondent he lowers the deck to his side - almost immediately his stomach starts to convulse as if he is about to vomit !

He reaches towards his mouth and removes something, it's a folded card - he opens it up - shows it to his helper - who now declares it to be the selected card - success !!

Once a card is selected it is controlled to the bottom of the deck by means of a false cut or shuffle.

The cards are taken around the back of the magician where he removes the selected card and folds it first into quarters then when he takes the deck around his back again he completes the folding and hides the folded card beneath the deck.

When the deck is taken up to his mouth for the second time he then inserts the folded card into his mouth ready for the final production !

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