Thursday, September 13, 2007

Twisting arms illusion

Everyone has seen that this is certainly not understood almost immediately - all that is required is a little lateral thinking. Here's my explanation anyway!

The approach of a passer-by David said: "Excuse me, can I show you something?" It's strange "," Search "I can not understand" at this stage, it s 'accroupit and places both hands flat on the ground with fingers pointing directly to each other.

"Look" "Hmmm?" "No, Come by here." Ask the "help" coming to the left of his body.

Does it still uncertain, he said: "OK, do it with me" lifting his left hand soil, leaving only his right hand in contact with the ground. "Put your hand on the ground like mine . " indicating the position of his right hand pointing directly to the left.

"Now do this" - David begins his hand turning anti-clockwise. After a few moments, the "help" finds he can not move his hand other, but David continues to turn around his hand - about - and around until it has passed by a 360 degrees impossible!

David gets up, massages and rubbed his shoulder - the aid is speechless.

The "secret".
As David asks his assistant, Major on the other hand, he raises his right hand up slightly and turn it clockwise to 360 degrees and replaces it on the ground in this position. All that is required now is for David to "relax" the arm. Adding appropriate sound effects.
This effect is preferable to wearing a baggy-sleeved clothing.
As I make this thing I keep my left hand around my back and at an appropriate time, click my fingers hard and make a shaking movement with my right shoulder and deliver a low "Aaarrrgh!"
It is a "killer"!
Try to keep a right face!

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