Sunday, June 01, 2008


Whenever a customer invites you to a drink, get an empty glass and lift it high in the air, saying: “Down the hatch” and have your glass become full of whisky, visible while held in front of the customer’s eyes.

: Have a cigar maker to finish a cigar around a thin test tube and have a cork for its opening, keeping this faked cigar amongst two other real ones in your pocket. Better yet secure a “Phillip glass” in any of the local magic shops. The minute someone says, “Have a drink, Joe” reach for your cigar and take the cork off with your thumb. The opening is toward the palm of your hand, the cigar is held between index and second fingers. The empty whisky glass is held between second finger and thumb and as you life it, tilt the opening of the faked cigar toward the glass and it will become filled with whisky.

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