Monday, May 26, 2008


EFFECT: Two oranges are brought on the bar; a customer is asked to select one. A one dollar bill is borrowed and made to disappear. Upon cutting the orange in half the bill is found inserted in the core or the orange.

THE HOW: Before hand you remove the stat on an orange, where the stem used to be. Carefully with a sharp knife or razor blade, make a cross cut on that portion, prying up the points on that section. The beginning of the core of the orange will be exposed. Stick a pencil in there as far as half way, enough to lodge a rolled and folded dollar bill; before that operation you make a record of the bill’s number on the cuff of your shirt or jacket. Press back the cross cut and replace the star with wax or glue. To all appearances this is a normal orange, untampered. Here is the technique: If a person picks the unprepared orange, you cut this orange in two, saying: “Ah, a nice juicy orange.” That leaves the prepared orange for the trick. If they pick the prepared one you still cut the other orange, making the remark about its juice. Before we get to the end of this trick, when the bill is handed to you, read the serial number on your cuff aloud and let them write it down for further identification. Then proceed with the trick, up to the point where the orange is selected and the extra one cut in half. Then is when you place the borrowed bill under a handkerchief. The system of vanishing the bill is the same one as Bill Tube.”

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