Sunday, May 25, 2008


The bill tube may be obtained from any of the Magic Shops in the country. No bartender should be without one.

EFFECT: A one dollar bill is borrowed and after the serial number has been recorded, the bill is
folded in two lengthwise and then rolled to the size of half a cigarette, is placed in the center of a
handkerchief and given to one of the persons watching the trick, for custody.Your right hand goes into your right pants pocket and brings out a brass tube which has a threaded cap on secured by a screw and bolt that makes it impossible to open the tube unless you take the screw
and nut off. Hand this tube to the person who loaned you the bill and who recorded the serial number. Addressing the person who is holding the handkerchief, ask him: “Are you still there?” He will answer, “Yes,” again you address him: “You still have the bill?”
Whisk the hanky away from his hands and show that the person has allowed the bill to escape from under it. The tube is opened and the same bill is found inside of it.

THE HOW: The bill tube is a mechanical prop, precision built for magicians and it is equipped with a secret compartment where the bill is lodged in a second.
FIRST - Have one of your white handkerchiefs fixed by your sister, mother or wife by undoing the hem in one of the corners. Insert a small roll of paper about the same size and weight of a rolled dollar bill. As you go under the handkerchief to deposit the bill you bring this faked corner to the center of the handkerchief and retain the bill. The person who holds the handkerchief is under the impression he is holding the real thing.
SECOND - Go quickly with this hand into your pants pocket and carefully insert your rolled bill in the secret compartment, locking it by pressing with the tip of your fingers and the heel of your hand and bring it out, at once. The rest of the trick is talking. Once the bolt is taken out and the bill extracted you can watch the inquisitive faces trying to figure out WHAT HAPPENED!

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