Friday, August 31, 2007

Trick #9: The Hypnotized Handkerchief

Hypnotize a handkerchief to move at your command!

REQUIREMENTS: One handkerchief with a hem, one drinking straw

In order to perform this effect you will need to take a drinking straw and flatten it out. This is easier with the old fashioned paper straws, but a plastic straw will do. Be careful not to mangle the straw as you flatten it. Next, sew the straw into the hem of a handkerchief as shown in Figure 1. Make certain the straw is secured in place so it won't slip down in the hem.
With your other hand When ready to perform the trick, grasp the corner indicated with an "A" in Figure 1. Tie a knot in that corner and let the handkerchief hang down from the knot. Announce you are going to "hypnotize" the handkerchief. take the middle of the handkerchief where corner "B" is, as in Figure 2, and drop the knot. Gesture with your free hand as if "hypnotizing the handkerchief. By moving your thumb on the straw, you can cause the handkerchief to slowly rise until it seems balanced on your fingers (Figure 3), and then gently drop back down!

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