Friday, August 31, 2007

Trick #7: The Unbreakable Match

A wooden match or toothpick is wrapped in a handkerchief and broken by a volunteer. At your command, it is restored into one piece!

REQUIREMENTS: One handkerchief with a hem, two wooden matches or toothpicks.

Conceal a toothpick in the hem of a handkerchief. Display the handkerchief, and several other toothpicks you have brought with you. Then, have a volunteer point to one of the toothpicks. Pick up the toothpick they chose, place it in the center of the handkerchief, and roll the handkerchief up with the chosen toothpick in its center. While you do this, take hold of the toothpick concealed in the hem of the handkerchief, and hand this to the volunteer. Have him confirm that he can feel the toothpick through the handkerchief, and even invite him to break it in half! When he does, take the handkerchief back and break the hidden toothpick again! Everyone will think the toothpick that's been broken is the same one they saw you roll up in the handkerchief a few moments earlier. Now, slowly unroll the handkerchief and show the toothpick, still in its center, and completely unharmed!

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