Friday, September 07, 2007

Ace Shaker

This trick was done on the second David Blaine Special where he asked a spectator sign a card, the card has been modified in the pack and was made to re-emerge between two cards held by David.

I saw some versions, but neither apparently "Blaine" feel to them. Here is my improved version, all credit to David Blaine. From work.
Fan on the bridge and remove the two red Aces pass two cards to a spectator keeping face down, place cards between their palms, fixes the viewer with a look of steel, saying "We'll need these special cards later. "

The audience seemed hypnotized! Fan the deck face down and ask for a second spectator to touch a card (you're feeling generous).

Cut the card chosen at the top and place the bridge. Turn the card chosen and display
a beauty-a "Blaine. Main your new assistant a felt and enable them to sign the face
the card, turn the card face down, then mix in the peloton (it now controls to return to top). Now for some distraction ....
You ask, "Do you recognize your card if you see again?" "Yes?" Fanning cards face down and ask them their card! (try not to laugh) Close the fan and ask "Who owns the two special cards?" (pause) "please show every two cards" At this point (when everyone is looking at two Red As) drop off your hands and palm chosen card in your right hand, then the bridge part in the second assistant (the bridge and palmed card are both held in her right hand).

Try not to sweat - you're on your own now - to ask the two As, as you take them (left) highlights the right hand and palmed add the card. Flex the package a few times to remove the curve of the palmed card.

Transfer cards for a Grip Biddle (right hand), a low response to the spread of map and display the face of the Red Aces, one in each hand, right hand holding a double (the card chosen is hidden behind
Red Ace).

Bring the two (?) As face back down (now sandwiching chosen map), a low response to the spread card on a half-inch, take cards (face down) between the fingers and thumb the right hand (the card is chosen now hidden beneath the top Ace)

Ask the second assistant to keep the platoon leader (they tremble in anticipation). Now you begin to tighten the two (?) Cards on deck using a quick side to side.

"I will now choose the command card go to the upper deck," you say in a tone suitable to raise the dead and frighten the weak heart.

Ask your assistant to shake the bridge a couple of times and after a little say bye-play (in commanding the same voice) "I feel STRONG magic", still shaking cards relax your grip and allow the chosen card "materialize "As between.

The breath of wonder! They love you! Take the money, make your exit ...

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