Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Mind Probe

Our intrepid magician goes forth onto the unforgiving streets.

A passing female is asked to take part in a simple experiment...

"I'll riffle the cards before your eyes - watch - think of one card."

The cards are duly riffled - faces towards the helper.

"Have you a card in mind ?"


Our Magician concentrates intensely.

"You could have choosen any one of 52 cards ......"

"You are thinking of a red card............ it's a low number.......... a three. The card you are thinking of....... is.......... the 3 of Diamonds!"

"Whow, yes yes yes !!"

* * *

To perform this miracle of mind reading you will require a 'short card'. You must shorten any card by about 1 mm.

Place the short card in front of the card which you want to force on your helper.

The 3 of Diamonds is a good card to use as a force card as it easily visible and not difficult for the helper to get a 'fix' on it.

The cards are riffled at eye level and quite close the helpers face. The force card and the short card should be positioned about 2/3 into the deck.

The cards should be riffled very fast ( so their faces appear blurred). When the short card is
reached the riffle is paused for an almost indiscernible moment - just long enough for the helper to
fix on the force card (3D).

The riffle continues at speed.

With a little performance the helpers mind is read and 'their' card is revealed by the magician.

This feat of magic requires much practice and it is useful if the helper is a little scatter brained or slightly drunk ! You don't want some bright eyed smart alec to pre-select a card thereby ignoring your riffle !!

Good luck with it.

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