Sunday, September 02, 2007

Trick #11: Magic Question-Answering Pendulum

The pendulum answers questions "Yes" or "No" by how it swings, even when held by a volunteer!

REQUIREMENTS: A pendulum, which is practically any kind of weight suspended from any kind of string. If you have a crystal hanging on a silver chain, this will do perfectly. You can also use any kind of bead, or a fishing weight, or even a hardware washer, and tie whatever kind of weight you come up with to the end of a string. It's a pendulum!

Hold the pendulum yourself, or have someone else hold it. Have whomever is holding the pedulum ask a question, and without their doing anything, the pendulum will begin to swing! It will swing in a straight line for "Yes" (Figure 1), and in a circle for "No" (Figure 2).
Even if you challenge the person to hold the pendulum still, no matter how hard they try to keep it steady it will continue to answer every question!

This is practically real magic! The pendulum historically has in fact been used as a divining tool, and nobody is really able to explain exactly how it works. Most likely, it is the subconscious effect of the thoughts of the person holding the pendulum's string that influences the way it swings. Or not...

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