Sunday, September 02, 2007

Trick #14: The Magnetic Knife

A common table knife magnetically clings to your hands!

REQUIREMENTS: One table knife.

A magician should be able to perform magic anywhere he goes! This one is good for the dinner table.
Interweave your fingers as in Figure 1, but don't pick up the knife yet. When you interweave your fingers, secretly leave the middle finger of one hand loose (Figure 2).
If you arrange your fingers right, no one will be able to tell one finger is loose when looking at your hands from the other side!
Now, pick up a knife from the table by secretly placing it behind the finger as shown, but hold your thumbs as though they were keeping the knife in place. Slowly, with a look of great concentration, release your grip on the knife with your thumbs. It will seem as if the knife is magnetically attached to your palms! After a few moments, drop the knife, and allow the knife and your hands to be examined. It's magic!

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