Saturday, September 08, 2007

Two Card Monte' Magic Trick

Two Red Aces placed between spectators fingers are "switched on" and then "turn". The wizard turns the cards to reveal two Black Queens!

The introduction:
At the top of the bridge that the two Red As above two Black Queens.

Have an assistant to make a fist up, take the first Red Ace (showing the first to) put between the first and second fingers (where it remains). Now take the second Red Ace (also show) quickly stab in and out of two fingers (above the first ACE), saying "I just tension," [you do not] be promptly As Now and again say "Now I have changed their return" [you do not] say 'I'll show you what I did, slowly demonstrate, this time you slowly and deliberately to exchange the two cards ( one for the other) twice. Adding your own piece of patter, for example, "What is your opinion, is at the top? Ace of Hearts and Ace of Diamonds?".

Once done, ask your assistant to examine the faces of two cards (Red As).

Repeat fasting switch move once - without the slow exchange, then the assistant ask which card they think they hold, pause, then ask them to look at the map (Red Ace).

Even if they are to respond to search and keep your hands low (always looking for the assistant) and slip
Red Ace you are holding the bottom of the bridge and take the first Black Queen of the page. You are now ready for the next step.
Repeat the switch to move once - with the slow pace of change, this time really exchange for the Black Queen As held by the assistant.
Then, ask the assistant "without looking - which card you are holding" - as they are today holding a Black Queen. Even if they slip to respond As you are holding the bottom of the bridge and take the second Black Queen of the page. Repeat "I'll show you again what I did"

Repeat the double switch move "completely as described in the first paragraph.

Demonstrate how you turned on the two maps, they are now left holding two Black Queens in their hands.

Ask again "What cards do you think is over now?".

With a little under-play to reinforce the idea that they are Aces-Hearts/Diamonds exploitation. Now for the crunch ...
Ask your assistant to examine the two maps, revealing - Two Black Queens!

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