Friday, February 08, 2008

The Classic Rope Trick

The performer cuts a rope into two equal pieces with a pair of scissors, and ties the ends back together with a small knot. The rope is quickly restored to its original state and the knot vanishes.

This should be done with a three or four-foot rope, preferably a thin soft white rope. Hold the first end of the rope (A) under your thumb allowing the end to barely protrude in your left hand, palm facing you. Grab the other end of the rope (D) with your right hand and place it in-between your first and second fingertips in your left hand. Place your right hand fingers under the bottom of the loop at the middle of the rope and bring it straight up to your left hand, lifting the rope with it. Just before you bring the loop up to your left palm, use your first finger and thumb to grab the rope behind your palm a half inch away from the first end (A). Bring this piece of rope through the big loop, and place the resulting smaller loop under your thumb between the two ends of the rope. Cut the fake loop making two new ends (B, C) and apparently two equal lengths of rope to the spectators. You actually have one real short piece on the left and one piece on the right almost the length of the original, both locked together by a loop behind your left hand. Drop both of the two ends of the longer rope (B, D) on the right side of your hand nearest your fingertips, hold the ends of the short rope (A, B) keeping the secret loop still hidden with your left hand. Close the last three fingers of your left hand into a fist around the rope, and tie the ends of the shorter rope (A, B) together around the longer piece and drop one end.
Holding one end of the rope now with your left hand, announce that you have restored the rope and wait for the laughs and haggling. Take the rope with your right hand, holding it by the knot, and wrap it around your left hand allowing the knot to slide off the rope as you do. If this step is done fairly fast no one will realize you are removing the fake knot. Reach into your pocket for some magic wizard dust, drop the fake knot into your pocket, and sprinkle the dust over the rope. Unwind the rope and hand it out for examination.

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