Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Coin Divination

Bring a handful of beer caps on the top of bar and ask your victim to select the three he likes the best, the others are taken away. Borrow a twenty-five cents piece from one of the people watching the trick and after a paused examination say, “This one will do.” Ask anyone to cover the quarter with anyone of the three beer caps, while your back is turned to them. Upon facing the bar again you look at the beer caps again and pick the one under which the coin is hidden. The trick can be repeated over and over again.

The secret is a very old one. You have a quarter of your own which has been previously prepared by gluing a piece of brown human hair one quarter of an inch long to the edge of the coin so it will stick out of the edge of the beer cap. While you apparently are examining the beer caps you are only looking far the end of the hair. The average bar counter is of a dark color making the hair undetectable to the person who does not know the trick. The way to substitute your quarter for the one you borrow is very simple; most bars have lights under the counter, and you know very well that when anything small is handed to a bartender, he generally brings his hands under the counter lights to examine it. Then is the time to drop the borrowed coin on a towel or the ice and retain the prepared one, which is used for the trick. Not one person out of a thousand will ever find the secret.

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