Monday, February 04, 2008

Floating Rose

You've probably seen David Copperfield make dancing and paper floating past is in its special issue. You take a piece of paper, giving a shape to it and on your paper floats in the air, it moves well. You can with your hands behind your back! After you take the paper, give it the shape of a rose, magic and roses floating in the air. You set fire to the pink paper and turn it into a real rose!

You must buy "invisible thread." Take a single strand of wire and attach two pieces of tape, one at each end. On an end wad it into a ball. At the other end, attach to anything. You also need a bit of paper with flash to the pink. You'll need a real rose, concealed in your left pocket and a lighter.

First, establish the band balled end of the invisible thread in your mouth. Then make a rose on paper flash. Not back until the wire becomes tight (you can tell because the tape in your mouth begin to emerge). Now, insert the paper is spent on the wire, engaging in a petal, and viola! You are now a floating pink paper! You can move it by simply moving your body. Now for passage. Your body must be straight with the side at the hearing, and the left side of hiding the pink. With your right hand, to achieve a lighter (preferably a Zippo) and light. Bring it under the pink paper, but do not ignite. It is wrong while your left hand takes the real has increased. With roses in hand, the light of flash paper, and bring your left hand up to the same position that the pink paper. The appearance will be that the document was closed transformed into a veritable pink! Take a bow, and throw roses to the public.

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Sudipta Das said...

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sudipta das

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