Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The moon maps

If you saw David Copperfield show, you may have been wondering how he did that trick with the Moon Card. Each member of his audience 9 cards received before the show. 8 of them are empty, but one of them has an image of the moon on it. After much careful mixing instructions, David manages to identify the Moon card in the hand of everyone.
Like many of David Copperfield's tricks, the Moon card trick is based on an old standard that many magicians before him have used. It is commonly known as the 21 card trick, as it is usually done with 21 cards instead of 9. David Moon's card is just a simplified version of that thing, because it is only using 9 cards instead of 21, and it does not leave someone chose a map - from the outset, it tells everyone that map chosen is the Moon Card.

You can go round card of 21 at home: Talk to your audience that you can read the mind of anyone ... But that is only a very weak link telepathic, and you can not receive mental images, not complex ideas. The best way to prove it is with a card game (because there are all these beautiful pictures on them.)

Ask a volunteer. Now, tell him that you have a pile of cards (no need to mention exactly 21 cards) and you classify a 3 batteries. Ask him to choose a card, but do not let him tell you which card he is. You just ask him to stack his card is "Keep the cards face up in your hand and take the first card on top, putting on the table. This will stack 1. Now, take the next card and drop it beside the first card. This will stack 2. Take the next card and put it next to the other two. This will stack 3.

Now, take the fourth card, and place it on stilts 1. Take the fifth card and place it on stilts 2. Take the 6th card and place it on stilts 3. In other words, lay down all the cards 3 batteries, setting up a card in each pile, and then starting over 1 battery. Once you've done, ask your pile of volunteerism that is the card in. Then recover all 3 job, but make sure the pile with the card is chosen between the other two batteries. Make sure not an opinion that you are careful to place the pile with the card in the middle of two others when you remove the batteries.

Talk to your volunteers you're not exactly sure yet - it is difficult to focus on the display of the map in his mind so that you can get a clear picture. Tell him to help him concentrate on nothing else but the map, you'll batteries again, and you have to look for his card. Tell him it is easier for you to signal its resolve in mind.

Now again - Keep all cards face up in your hand, enter one on top, be stacked on 1, turn the next card on stilts 2, 3 e map on stilts 3, the fourth card on stilts 1, etc. When you're done, ask them who pile their card is now. (Map May have moved to another cell or even be in the same cell.) Take 3 batteries. And besides, be sure to save the battery with a map between the other two batteries.
Tell him you begin to see a blurred image, and you'll have to make the batteries once again to be sure. Now, for the 3rd and last time ... Take the top card and put it on stilts 1, putting the second card on stilts 2, the third card on stilts 3, the fourth card on a battery, etc. etc.
Ask your audience one last time to tell you that his job card is then pick up all 3 batteries - and still make sure you place the pile with the card chosen in the middle of two other piles as you pick them up. Now all the mysterious act as if you were trying to view the map. Take each card, hold it for a second, then drop it. When you reach the 11th card, hold it and show the public - is the chosen card!

The trick is based on a mathematical principle. By 3 batteries 3 times and always keeping the battery with the card in the middle, you automatically place it in the exact center of 21 cards ... There will be 10 cards before and after 10 cards. The card will always chosen the 11th card. David Copperfield In the case of its map of the 5th, as it did on tour with only 9 cards. So after mixing, there are 4 blank cards before the Moon Card, and 4 blank cards afterwards. PS: You can baffle even more ... Making the case again but when you secretly counting cards at the end, do it while the bridge is face down in your hand. Everything you see is the back of each card, and you can always know which card was picked. (Because all you have to do is count up to 11, regardless of whether the cards face up or face down.)

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