Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Turning a false goose in a real goose

During his dream Portal show David Copperfield uses a funny faux-Goose slowed routine for comic effect. After the comedy bit, he put the goose false vacuum in an old wooden bucket has two lids on top. A few seconds later, he pulls the goose back out - but now the fake goose turned into a real goose.

Copperfield uses a bucket that has a wall in the middle, separating the space under the cover of space left under the right lid. When Copperfield calls for a voluntary public to check the bucket, it has left open the lid and the bucket in a manner that requires the volunteer to run his hand along the left wall inside the bucket. The volunteer confirms that the bucket seems to be empty ... but, actually, never touches the hand inside the right - or the wall in the middle of the bucket. Copperfield asked the volunteer to keep the empty bucket. Then he opens the new LEFT lid and place the goose false compartment in the left bucket. A few seconds later, he opened the lid right, and leaves a real goose. The real goose had been hidden in the compartment right bucket throughout.

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