Thursday, February 21, 2008

Kings And Aces

Effect: Two playing cards make a mysterious journey.

You need a special playing card. First glue an Ace of Spades and a King of Diamonds back to back. Cut an Ace of Clubs in half lengthways. Glue this on top of the Ace of Spades. Now glue a smaller strip of another King of Diamonds on top of that. Hold a King of Hearts against the special card and it looks like four cards. Place the four cards in a box. Bring out the King of Hearts and place it in another box. Secretly turn the special card over and bring it out, showing the King of Diamonds. Also place this in the other box. Show the first box empty. The Aces have vanished. Take all four cards (really only two) from the second box, showing them as you did before. It seems that the Aces have magically travelled across.

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