Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Most of the bars have a leather cup and five dice. Ask anyone to throw the dice, while your back is turned, add all the faces of the dice (tops) to the bottoms, immediately announce his addition; ask him to throw the dice once again and add all the top faces to the total he already has, keeping it to himself Turn around tell him how much he has added.

All dice add top and bottom: Seven, five dice, naturally, thirty-five, on his second throw he adds the tops and has his total, when you turn around all you do is to add 35 to whatever total the top faces add and you have the grand total. For example the man throws the dice and the top faces read 146-2-5 the total of the top faces will be 18, next he adds the bottoms by lifting the dice 6-3-1-5-2 total 17 plus 18 is 35, he throws once again and the faces read: 6-6-4-3-1 total 20 plus 35 is 55. Practice the trick by yourself a couple times before you do it.

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