Sunday, February 10, 2008

Psychic Test

The magician tells an audience member to touch the ace of spades. The magician lays the card down and tells another member of the audience to touch the 10 of clubs and another to touch the king of spades. The magician asks everyone to recall his or her cards and all three are correct.

The secret is in the fact that the audience never sees the card until the end. You begin by predicting the card that is actually on the bottom of the deck, this is why the you lay the cards down. Before you lay the card down though, you look at it (tell them your making sure they are right). This is the next card you will tell someone else to touch. Once they touch their card you look at it again and lay it down. Of course this is the next card that will supposedly be touched, but you need the next person to touch the bottom card. There are three possible ways of dealing with this:
1.You can touch the last card yourself
2. You can ideally have help from a friend
3. You can use more than 3 cards every time a card is chosen, put the top half of the deck to the side and have them pick the next card from the bottom half รข€“ usually this works pretty well, but it takes longer and if you make it work it is the most effective method, especially with larger groups of people.

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