Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Pyramid

While in a barroom or lounge you are liable to learn things you never
heard or saw in your life. While visiting a lounge in Erie, Penna., the writer saw a
man who had sufficient drinks to behave like a child. One of his antics consisted
in making a pyramid out of three liquor glasses, the type used to serve Cramp de
Cacao or Benedictine. They were stacked on top of each other; the bottom one contained a small amount of beer, the second and first, above, were empty. He challenged his friends to lift the two top glasses, keeping them suspended without the use of his hands or outside help while at the same time he drank the contents of the bottom glass.

The glasses were stacked as shown on the illustration. He lighted a match letting it burn for a little while, then dropped the match inside of the top glass; immediately he bent over and applied his right cheek to the opening of the top glass. The match went out but created a vacuum and suction which made the glass stick to his cheek. The operation was repeated with the second glass and this time he had one glass attached to each one of his cheeks. It was funny! Next he bent dawn forward and picked the third glass with his mouth and straightening up drank the contents of the third. The stunt always brings laughter.

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