Friday, March 28, 2008


EFFECT: A card is selected, autographed, and shuffled back in the deck, which in turn is replaced in the case; before that an ordinary envelope is given for examination, is also initialed, sealed and stood on one end at the end of the bar, facing the audience. The card case is encircled with a heavy rubber band and placed far away from the envelope. A clap of the hand and the selected card finds its way into the envelope.

: Any envelope, anybody’s deck of cards, anywhere, anytime, you are ready to perform this trick; if you carry a little dab of wax attached to one of the buttons on your coat or vest.

FIRST - Have a card reversed in the bottom of the deck. Offer the deck for a free selection. Have him or her notice the card. Have the deck cut in two halves and ask that the card be replaced on the top of either half.

SECOND - Cut the cards again and invariably you will cut at the reversed card bringing this to the bottom, the top card is the selected one. Before the card is replaced on the deck ask them to initial it on the face for further identification.

THIRD - During all the process of the trick you have ample time to secure the bit of wax with one of your fingernails.

FOURTH - Insert the deck back in the case and when you replace the flap of the case, insert its edge right under the top card, the selected one. Stick the bit of wax to the top edge of the card, place the envelope on top of the case momentarily pressing on it so the selected card will stick to the envelope. While holding deck and envelope ask your subject to sign the envelope. The last move is to carefully pull the envelope sideways which will carry the card with it on its back. The envelope is stood somewhere on the shelves of the bar with the card stuck behind it.

FIFTH - Now you propose to transport the card from the deck to the envelope without touching either one. Hand your assistant a rubber band and ask him to encircle the deck. A clap of the hands and picking the envelope and the card at the same time with your right hand you proceed to tear one end of the envelope with the left, blow into it, stick the fingers of your left hand into the envelope while the thumb secures the card from behind and raise slowly. To all appearances the card is coming out of the initialed envelope.

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