Thursday, February 07, 2008

Changing A Dollar Bill To Quarter

A startling effect, easy to perform. The performer borrows a dollar bill, preferably an old bill or one that is worn or soft. He takes the bill in his right hand and stuffs it into his left hand which is closed, apparently wadding it into his closed hand. He next reaches into his pencil pocket for his pen or pencil, stating as he does, “This is my magic wand,” waves the pencil around the left hand containing the dollar bill, opens the left hand and throws the quarter on the bar. The bill has vanished.

THE HOW: Secure a thumb tip, available at any magical supply house. Before starting the trick have the thumb tip and the quarter concealed in the left hand. The thumb tip is held with the mouth up. Borrow a dollar bill and push it down into the closed left hand, into the thumb tip, wadding it well with the right forefinger then a final push with the right thumb so that the tip remains on the thumb. As you reach for your pencil in your left pocket drop the tip in the pencil pocket as you remove the pencil. Wave the pencil around your left hand, open your hand and throw the quarter on the counter.

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