Thursday, February 07, 2008

Smoke HighBall

EFFECT: Two highball glasses are used, empty, of course; both should be rinsed out before the experiment, in order to supply humidity for the trick.

THE HOW: Take a big puff out of your cigarette and bringing one of the glasses to your lips, as if to take a drink out of it make a round opening with your lips; allow the smoke escape slowly into the glass. A thick cloud of smoke will roll out lazily toward the bottom of the glass, filling it completely, provided you do not allow any air to come out of your nostrils. The next step is to bring the glass full of smoke to the other empty glass, resting the edge of one glass on the edge of the other, and proceed to empty one glass full of smoke into another empty glass, as if pouring. The effect is beautiful and weird at the same time. People do not imagine that it is possible to pour smoke from one container to another as if it were a liquid.

When poured back into the original glass, bring it to your lips, slowly, and start inhaling slowly too while you tilt your head back and raise the bottom of the glass, exactly like when you are taking a drink; actually, the smoke will do what water or any other element does.

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