Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Elimination Extraordinary

A pack of cards is handed to a spectator who shuffles it thoroughly and retains possession of it (the magician does not touch the pack from first to last). Performer writes a prediction on a slip of paper which is placed in an envelope and held by a spectator. The cards are dealt into a number of piles until after a process of selection and elimination by the person who deals, one card only is left face down on the table. The prediction is read, it is the name of the very card that has been left on the table.

The pack used is a one-way pack in which all the cards have been set the one way with the exception of one which is reversed. It is the name of this card which the performer writes on a slip of paper and seals in an envelope. The pack is shuffled, overhand fashion, and cut as often as the spectator may wish. He is then instructed to deal the cards into a number of face-down piles. The performer has simply to note in which pile the reversed card falls and by playing upon the words 'take' and 'leave' interprets the spectator's choice in such a way that that pile only remains, the others being eliminated. The cards in the pile are again dealt into several heaps and again he notes which contains the reversed card. The process is continued until finally one card only, the reversed card is left on the table. The trick should be carried through in a breezy style, without giving the spectator too much time to think.

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