Monday, February 18, 2008

The Mesmerized Coin

EFFECT: A half a dollar coin stands on its edge on the back of the index and second fingers, as if balanced; at your command it lies down very slowly, as if mesmerized

THE HOW: This effect has never failed to mystify either the laymen or magicians. A half a dollar piece is borrowed from one of your customers, taking the coin with the right hand. In your left band you are holding a straight pin. Bring the coin to the left and place the pin behind the coin, head down, point up. As you place its edge resting on the back of your index and second fingers, close to the nails, on the right hand; the thumb of the left hand slides the head of the pin down bringing it between the two fingers. Grip the head of the pin eight and naturally the coin will look like it is standing on the back of your fingers when really it is resting on the pin. If the pressure on the head of the pin is released gradually, the coin will fall slowly while you repeat the words, “Lie down... Lie down.” Once the coin has finished its trip to the, back of your fingers, you bring the hand forward offering the coin for examination, separating your fingers just a little bit; this will cause the pin to fall behind the bar or on your lap if you are sitting, when you do the trick.

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